Maintain a Comfortable Temperature All Year Long

Schedule a heat pump installation in Wales, Lewiston or Brunswick, ME

Are you overdue for a new heater? RM HVAC LCC can help you get a high-quality heating system with our heat pump installation services, available in Wales, Lewiston and Brunswick, ME.

We can install and service your new heat pump, so you don't have to worry about a thing. You can even get a heat pump water heater. To learn more about our heat pump and heat pump water heater installation services, get in touch with us today.

Is a heat pump the right choice for you?

Is a heat pump the right choice for you?

Heat pumps are one of the most popular types of HVAC equipment - and for good reason. When you get a heat pump installation, you'll:

  • Experience lower running costs
  • Enjoy low maintenance requirements
  • Get a long-lasting system

Once you experience the benefits of a heat pump for yourself, you won't want to go back to other types of HVAC systems. Schedule an appointment with our team today to get a heat pump for your home.