Enjoy a Warm and Cozy Home This Winter

Arrange for oil furnace services in Wales or Lewiston, ME

Nothing is better than relaxing in a warm home while you watch the snow fall outside. To make sure your home is nice and cozy this winter, turn to RM HVAC LLC in Wales or Lewiston, ME.

We offer a variety of gas and oil furnace services, including installations, tuneups and repairs. You can trust that your furnace will be working in tiptop shape. Schedule an appointment for an oil or gas furnace repair today.

Trust us for all your oil and gas needs

Trust us for all your oil and gas needs

While we take pride in our gas and oil furnace services, we don't stop there. We also have extensive experience:

  • Converting dryers
  • Installing gas ranges
  • Running outdoor gas lines for grills and fire pits

You can trust us to work with both propane and natural gas. Get in touch with us now if you need a gas furnace repair or gas line installation.